— Freelance software engineer specialising in iOS and Mac development and Adobe Lightroom plugin development

On here you'll find me nattering away about various different aspects of my life, both personal and professional. Like everyone else I'm a complex combination of many different abilities and interests. I'm a Brit living in the South of France, a freelance software developer, a husband, a dad of two, a passionate sailor, a photographer, a go player, a climber and a cook. I enjoy technology, astronomy, puzzle solving, teaching, games, travel, the mountains, the sea, music, working for myself and lots of other things besides.

Since all of these things are what make me me I've decided to use one site to express myself. None of it may interest you. Some of it might. The chances are slim that all of it will, or else you'd be me. Bearing this in mind my blog's organised into various categories so that, should you so wish, you can read just the posts that interest you.

You may have come here looking for Timothy Armes Photography. Well, it's the same Timothy Armes however I now concentrate solely on my professional roots as a software developer (although I still take photos for pleasure of course...).