Web Technology Demonstration developed using Meteor 1.3 + ES6 + React
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EventMapper is a technology demonstration of a web application for which the primary use-case is to provide details of events that are happening in the user's local environment. The events can be filtered by category and date, and are presented in a clean and easy-to-use interface.

Although the demonstration is based on event, the technology is intended to provide a code-base for other similar applications.

Licensing, Customisation, etc.

I license the use of this technology on a per application basis, and I'm willing to negotiate the costs based on your needs and requirements.

 Although EventMapper is essentially fully functional in it's own right, you'll probably wish to adapt it to your own applications requirements. For that reason I'm also able to provide a customisation service. I will discuss your needs with you, and can adapt this code base to meet your requirements. Perhaps you need a different design, or you wish to substitute the events for something else, or you need the events to contain different information; EventMapper will be a great starting point that will save you months of development time.

Please contact me if you wish to discuss licensing this code-base.


  • Based on Meteor 1.3 + ES6 + React
  • MongoDB database
  • Semantic UI based interface
  • Clean and adaptable code-base
  • Responsive design (try this site on your mobile, or make the window narrow)
  • Server-side rendering + an automatically generated sitemap ensures that event pages can be found and indexed by search engines.
  • The map can be locked to specify regions. In this demonstration the map is locked to France